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Doorstep loans are another one of the many options for people with bad credit to get hold of the funds they need in a relatively short space of time.

The difference with a door step loan when compared to the other bad credit financial products, such as the payday loan and the credit card, is that the doorstep loans company visits the applicant at their residence to go through the application face to face and re-visits them to hand them the cash directly should they have been approved for the loan. The whole process can be started and completed in as little as 2 days.

As doorstep lending company’s operate on a face to face basis they are able to take into consideration factors that computers don’t, when applying for a loan online, giving the person with poor credit history a higher chance of securing the funds they need.

The doorstep loan service gives applicants flexibility as the loan can generally be repaid over the course of 12 months, where as products like payday loans usually have to repaid upon the applicants payday which can often leave them short of cash for the following month.

The doorstep loan business that you use for a loan will generally visit your property to collect re-payments on a weekly or monthly basis which saves the applicant having to mess about sorting out direct debits or paying over the phone by debit card.

When compared to credit cards for bad credit door step loans usually provide the applicant with a much larger credit limit than a credit card meaning that anyone who needs a relatively large sum of money is best advised to approach a doorstep lender.

Doorstep lenders are often confused with the likes of loan sharks. Loan sharks operate in a completely different way to door-step loans companies, the most prominent difference being that a doorstep lender will never commit acts of violence should a borrower be late with payment.

These are the doorstep lending companies we recommend to anyone in search of lenders offering a doorstep cash service in the UK.

This type of financial product is also know as ‘Home Collected / Home Collection Loans’.

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The Benefits Of Doorstep Loans

Doorstep loans offer applicants many benefits, the main ones being – the applicant doesn’t have to have a bank account, the loan repayments are collected weekly or monthly at the borrowers residence, there are usually no late payment charges, the loans start of relatively small but can increase in size to become medium sized loans once a good relationship has been built up with a lender, the loans are generally taken out for a few months to a few years making repayments more manageable when compared to other short term credit like payday loans.

Remember, borrowing money and not repaying it has consequences. Debts such as door to door loans can be secured against a borrowers home.

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